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The Wanderer Shout Out

Visual References to the painting

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An increasing Stock Shout-Out in Film Posters as well as images in film are references to the painting Wander "Wanderer above the Sea of Fog. Showing the back of a well-dressed man, who is wearing a long coat, against a foggy, mountainous landscape, (as noted on The Other Wiki), the painting evokes both mastery of nature and man's insignificance in the world, which makes it an ideal reference for byronic heroes and isolated characters, especially those isolated because of their intelligence.

Edit- Note, starting out listing only a couple examples of this (more or shown in a link below). Like to get some consensus first on whether this is tropable/the best images to link.



Live Action Tv

  • Evoked in the poster for the production of Hamlet starring David Tennant.
  • In series 2 of Sherlock, several scenes filmed against the Northern moors evoke the painting, particularly because Sherlock's signature jacket closely resembles the one in Freidrich's painting. This scene, showing Holmes and Watson, is a good illustration.

Web Original
  • Several examples are discussed in this article from

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