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Mood Association

When a sound, picture, etc. relates from one scene to another

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You know the story. You've cased the room for stealing the priceless gemstone only to set off the alarm by tripping on some random object on the floor (possibly a Banana Peel). You hear the slow, steady rhythm of the alarm... only to have it speed up, and you realize your alarm is going off.

When the senses spill out from one instance of life, to another, it's a case of Mood Association.

This happens in movies and other media too. Within one scene there might be a squeaky toy making a sound, and later a cat is killing off a small rabbit, and it makes and identical sound. Or in the same scene, the sound might make a link between cicadas chirping, and suddenly the chirps sound instead like screams.

Of course, it isn't just related to sound, but color and lighting. The simplest way to represent this would be using color symbolism to relate a scene together, such as having them stand near a red flower and stare down at an enemy through the flower, effectively "seeing red."

This is the inversion of Mood Dissonance (hence the reason for the name), and also in terms of sound only, an inversion of Soundtrack Dissonance. When some aspect of soundtrack repeats for a specific character, it is instead a Leitmotif, or a Mood Motif if it is already common motif used for a situation.
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