Picked Flowers Are Dead
A character who gets flowers focuses on their death instead of their beauty

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When you give someone flowers, you expect her to talk about how beautiful they are or how good they smell. Not about how the poor flowers are dead or dying because you severed them from their roots" Yet, that's what happening here. Maybe she's some kind of Magical Native American or just very much Closer to Earth, but whatever her reason she's feeling sorry for the poor flowers or even see them as something bad in a necromantic sort of way. If the complainer is a third party, they may criticize the receiver for enjoying the gift.


Comic Book
  • Poison Ivy of Batman is known to react this way.

  • Ellen at the start of Nosferatu when she receives some from Hutter at the beginning. Yep, Older than You Think.
  • In "Alien Nation: Dark Horizon", one of the aliens is sick. Her human boyfriend brings a bouquet of flowers as he visits her in the hospital, but is not allowed to deliver them to her. His alien rival is allowed to deliver the potted plant, however. In the alien culture, dying flowers are seen as a bad omen when it comes to recovering health.

  • In The Naked Sun, Gladia picks a flower and Elijah remarks that she killed it. Being a murder suspect, she angrily asks whether that's supposed to mean she can kill a human just as easily.

Video Game
  • In "Quest for Glory V", you can give flowers to various ladies and eventually marry one of the four most prominent ones. One of them will feel sorry for the flowers, but giving them to her earns you romantic points anyway. She will use their seeds to make more living flowers.

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