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Eye And Nerve
Someone's optic nerve is showing, with eye usually attached.
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Closely related to Eye Scream, but not a snug subtrope. An optic nerve becomes visible. This can be because his eye was pulled out, or maybe because the whole brain was.

  • Happy Tree Friends has this as one of its many methods of testing your squeamishness.
  • Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Venture Bros.. The mangled eye could still see.
  • Part of the stock response to the Hello Nurse trope involves eyes popping out of the skull, sometimes with the nerves still attached.
  • Occasionally spices the squick factor of a disembodied brain. Used in Battle Angel Alita, for instance. Say, is there a trope for pulling out brains? Alita had so many examples, it would be enough by itself.
  • In a Manatee Gag on Family Guy Peter's eyes pop out during decompression. Another person's eyes pop out too and during a Slap Fight their eyes get tangled up with each other.
  • Total Recall (1990). After Vilos Cohaagen is ejected onto the surface of Mars, the lack of atmosphere causes his eyes to bug out of their sockets, showing the optic nerves behind them.
  • * In Hostel, the girl that gets rescued and later commits suicide because she couldn't live with her disfigured face has one of her eyeballs hanging out with the nerve clearly visible. The protagonist severs the eyeball so she can at least flee with him.
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