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Sequel In Another Medium
When a property continues in a different medium
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When a property leaves room for continued adventures or ends on an outright Sequel Hook, but is continued in a different medium.

This is most likely due to the original property not doing well financially, but has enough interest to merit continuation in a cheaper medium. Alternatively, they were Screwed by the Network of the original medium and they have to continue it in another. In case of movie continuation from other media, it may also mark a special part of the whole story.

See also The Resolution Will Not Be Televised and its inverse Recycled: The Series. Related to Expanded Universe when the other media-sequels are treated as a lesser canon. Compare Anime First and Comic Book Adaptation, as well as Continuation, Fan Sequel and Next Gen Fic for Fan Fic examples.

Note that cases of prequels and interquels also count here; the point is, the works are all part of the same timeline.

Examples by the original medium

Anime and Manga

Comic Books



Live-Action TV


Video Games
  • Final Fantasy VII recieved a direct sequel in the form of an animated film, Advent Children, not to mention the various sequels and prequels,one of which was an anime short titled Before Crisis.
  • Crysis 2 is the sequel but set at a altogether different time and place with a (mostly) new cast of characters. The events of Crysis and Crysis: Warhead were continued in a six issue comic book series endorsed by EA and published by IDW intending to fill the gap.

Western Animation
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