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In My Country, I Was A Lawyer
In his native land, he was an important man. Here, he works in a convenience store.
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An immigrant works a menial job such as sweeping floors, stocking shelves, or food service. However, in the country of his birth, he was a professional--a doctor, an attorney, or a politician.

Truth in Television, somewhat, as educational standards are quite different in Asia and parts of Europe, and many foreign citizens come here to study in universities. Many work lower-class jobs to pay for school and send money support families back home.

  • In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper led a team in an academic competition made up of blue-collar drones, fancying himself an authority on everything and needing three other people only to meet the rules. He was stymied by the final question, a complex equation; however, the janitor on his squad answered it perfectly. He explains that in his native Russia he was a prominent physician at Leningrad Polytechnika. "Go Polar Bears."

  • Groundskeeper Willie's real name, before coming to America, was "Dr. William MacDougal".
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