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Whenever any kind of attention is shown to a character walking to their car and starting it, the more Genre Savvy viewer probably has a distinctly uneasy feeling in his stomach.

Wait for it... three... two... one... ignition!

This trope is also the number one killer of chauffeurs and helpful Disposable Women - this occasionally raises the Fridge Logic of why you would put an ignition-triggered explosive in a chauffeured car in the frist place...

Variations include remote-detonation and bombs hooked up to other parts of the car, but the idea is to kill the occupant. Cars turned into suicide bombs don't count.


  • On CSI, a simple time bomb left in the boot of a cheating husband. Unfortunately an unexpected detour means the bomb takes several bystanders with it.
  • Michael's Italian wife in The Godfather decides to bring the car around for him. Oops.
  • Yuri's uncle in Lord of War, after Yuri gifts his car to him.
  • In Family Guy, when Lois is wanted by the mob, the chauffeur retrieves their car shortly after a hit is called off. It ends rather poorly for the boy.
  • A classic in mob movies of all sorts, probably thanks to The Godfather.
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