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Won't Ask For Favors
The character could pull strings, but does it the hard way out of pride or honesty.
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A mere mention of your father's name and you'd be head of Inquisition in an instant. "Lost child of the Great Architect" yields a monumental reference score. It begs the question: why do you cripple yourself?

Life can be easier when you have friends in high places, let alone when your father is The Emperor or generally the guy in charge. Doors open to you that remain closed to lesser people, and in corporate/bureaucratic contexts, you can get promoted on your name rather than your merits.

But this character will have none of that. He wants to do it the regular way, without owing powerful friends or relatives any favors. This can be motivated by high moral standards, sheer pride, or even mere spite.


Anime and Manga

  • Grave of the Fireflies, the situation the lead character and his little sister are in is squarely down to his pride.


  • Platoon: Chris Taylor has a college education and could easily have evaded military service, but he deliberately volunteers for duty in Vietnam. As he explains to incredulous draftees:
    Chris: Why should just the poor kids go to the war, and the college kids get away with it?
    King: Gotta be rich in the first place to think like that.


  • RCN - Daniel Leary's father is the most powerful person in the Republic of Cinnabar, however he is on bad terms with his father and a combination of pride and spite means that he does use his father's connections to advance his career. However, when it comes to accomplishing a mission, Daniel is not above letting others assume that he is more powerful influential than he really if the other person already know's who his father is, though Daniel is never the one to bring up the topic first.
  • Miles Vorkosigan from The Vorkosigan Saga tries his absolute best not to take advantage of his social position (being very close, childhood-friends to the emperor and being the son of the former regent and current viceroy and vicerene of one of the other planets int heir empire). This is especially hard considering he is crippled from soltoxin poisoning when he was in his mothers womb, and despite his genius intellect and determination, he can use all the help he can get when it comes to anything that requires physical abilities. Occasionally his family has stepped in to help him at least get a chance to prove that he deserves the position they are helping him to get, though. And having finally achieved a position that was gained by his own merits, he is actually more prone to being the one handing out the favors then not. "Nepotism!" as Miles would say.

Live-Action TV
  • Defining trait of Dr Perry Cox on Scrubs. Maybe counts as an Informed Flaw, since it seems like multiple episodes have him dealing with his issues and eventually asking for help.

Web Comic

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