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Silly Straggler

Every crowd has a sole member lagging behind it.

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Any time you have a group of individuals acting together, there will often be just one individual out of the crowd who who trips it up. For example, in a crowd of people running from one location to another, one member will invariably trip and fall behind, or otherwise lag behind in general.

Why? Because it's funny. It's unexpected (Genre Savviness aside).

Loosely related to Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.

Film - live action

  • In Jumanji, the massive animal stampede includes an exhausted rhinoceros trying to keep up as it follows behind the rest.

Film - animated

  • In Pixar's Brave, when the three brothers are running downstairs in the castle, one of them trips. The director's commentary notes that the animators added it solely because it's funny.

Video Games

  • Orochi's in-game debut in Ōkami involves his eight heads rising up and turning in unison to face the player ... then the Thunder-elemental head (on the far side from the others) wakes up late and looks around wildly, wondering what's going on.
  • In Paper Mario, one member of the Shy Squad is repeatedly seen tripping and falling behind the crowd, then scrambling to catch up to the rest.

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