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Every-Powered Individual.
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In a world full of super types where everyone gets one power each, this is the guy who has all the powers. He or she might be The Chosen One or just really really rare.


  • Toyo Harada and Pete Stanchek from Harbinger (Valiant Comics) are both Omega Harbingers which means they have every psychic power there is.
  • Aang of Avatar fame would be of the ChosenOne variety.
  • Tempest from the Omega Universe (a Web Original) is an "omni psi". Telepathy, telekinesis, phase-shifting, superspeed, teleportation; he's a one stop shop.
  • In Mistborn, where Mistings have one power each, Mistborn have them all.
  • A Certain Magical Index has every magical grimoire in history in her head...
  • In Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy: The Mindgate Conspiracy, protagonist Nick Scryer has every power his enemies possess except for Telepathy and Illusion.

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