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Belly Flop Crushing
A small character gets flattened against a larger character's stomach.
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--Sir Raleigh, Sly Cooper

Consider yourself belly-flop-crushed.

This is where a small character will get flattened by a larger character, leading to the smaller character getting Squashed Flat against the big character's stomach. This may be preceded by a Shadow of Impending Doom, before the big character falls onto the small character.

This would also count if a Body Slam is used by the bigger character on the smaller character.

Compare: Butt Sticker and Ass Kicks You

Contrast: Marshmallow Hell


Anime and Manga
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, when Ed and Al go to Dr. Marco's house to study alchemy, Ed quickly finds the loving affection of a dog named Alexander. Alexander's shadow was the last thing he usually saw before the giant dog ever-so-lovingly crushed him underneath.
  • Jessie and James got flattened under a Snorlax's belly in one Pokémon episode. Its trainer woke it up and it ate a pile of thorns,then went back to sleep and rolled on them.

  • In The Happiness Of The Katakuris, a Japanese live action movie about a family run hotel where every guest who checks in dies in an unexpected way, includes a sumo wrestler who has a heart attack on top of his girlfriend, causing them both to die. He didn't jump on her though.
  • The end of Shrek 2, where Shrek attempts to body-surf the crowd, the crowd runs like hell, and the little dog is left underneath...
  • The flashback to the cheerleading tryouts in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, when the fat chick squashes Justin Long's character.
  • During Po and Tai Lung's final fight in Kung Fu Panda, the latter launches himself to attack the former, but Po (to quote himself: THE big fat panda) simply does a belly thrust and then bounces Tai Lung up high.

Professional Wrestling
  • Two major acts on the old British professional circuit were the superstar, super-mega-heavyweights, "Big Daddy" and "Giant Haystacks". Both were large imposing men who stood way over six feet and weighed in at around 30-35 stone. (350-400 pounds). Each. Big Daddy's signature play was exactly this - the belly flop crush. Billed as deadly enemies, a fight between the two necessitated a specially built ring capable of taking the impact. Big Daddy was billed as a patriotic Yorkshire Englishman and good guy: Haystacks was the baddie, an Irish Traveller who played on prejudices both against the Irish and gypsies (this was the 1970's, the height of the Irish terrorist bombing campaign). The fights were necessarily short, as both wrestlers lacked stamina for long bouts.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • The iconic image would be hippo and alligator ballet from Fantasia.

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