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Masculine fear
Like femmine fear but for men
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The Spear Counterpart to Feminine Fear. There are certain things that are very scary to men, that barely even register as fears for women. This is by no means a comprehensive (or even a consistent) list, since with the dawn of movements like feminism and gay rights, being a "manly" man is no longer a given. For example, even being castrated is not terrifying to a transgender male. For this reason, this list has been divided into three sections.

Fears Of Traditionally Masculine Men

  • Forced feminization: Either by outright castration, or in some cases by crossdressing BDSM.
  • Anal sex (exceptions might be made for when it is done by women, in kinky sex).
  • Being forced to admit they are afraid: Oddly, more sensitive men don't get this as often. But for this type, admitting weakness (or apologizing) is similar to being impotent. Also, anything that makes a man less than manly, such as love of ballet or opera, is usually hid by this type (in extreme cases, anyway, masculine but more secure men might get over it).

Fears Of Metrosexuals/Feminine Men

  • Forced masculinization: Mention the idea of a Straight Camp to anyone not quite "normal" as far as what is expected of males, and they will either squirm uncomfortably or start a fight. This is especially case if they aren't actually gay.
  • Being found out: If one is simply a sensitive guy, there's nothing much here to be worried about (except of being accused of something). For a hay male or Wholesome Crossdresser this is a different story.
    • Being persecuted for it: There are terrible horror stories

Fears Of Most/All Men

  • Being kicked in the groin: It doesn't matter if you want to be a girl, like other guys, or are a more masculine type. Now matter how you feel, and no matter how strong the rest of you gets the groin doesn't get tougher.
  • Getting old: Youth (at least at a certain prime) means virility and sexual prowess. Hair is one symbol of this (hence why men spend so much money on products to either regrow hair, or recolor it from grey, when they spend so little on others). It generally doesn't matter whether you're a manly man or not, suddenly being turned into old, balding and weak either through natural causes or a Plot-Relevant Age-Up is downright scary, making it a relief if the process can be reversed through a Fountain of Youth.
  • Dying Alone: Dying is bad enough, but having never even had a lover, is downright depressing. Oddly, the opposite can also be a fear, worry about whether the significant other will do okay without you.
  • Social anxiety: Except for a rare few who are used car salesmen, most men regardless of type, dread social affairs. It is for this reason that men rarely talk about medical problems with their doctors (most statistics say only 14% or so actually see their doctor if they have cancer or a psychological problem). This may have to do with less social training in childhood, or just simple fight-flight instincts, where staying and talking things out isn't clearly either.
  • Being overpowered/raped (especially anal rape): Being in a situation where one can't fight back is scary for anyone, male or female. For males, though the party that is scary is not the actual rape part, it's the fact that one has muscles and is still powerless.
    • Impotence, for the same reason.
  • Brainwashing: See forced feminization/masculinization above. As a general rule, men don't like other people's values foisted on them.
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