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Dressed In Layers
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Perhaps the most famous use of this trope
Do we have this one? I've been looking around and I don't think we do.

What's that? my Arch-Enemy has released a giant monster and now it's attacking the city? This looks like a job for Super Mega Ultra Dude! I'll just go into this phone booth and take off my suit to reveal my superhero costume (which also happens to have superpowers). I'll stop that monster just before he harms that civilian. It's a good thing I was wearing my costume under my suit so I could change more quickly!

In short, when the superhero wears their costume under their regular clothing for quick changing when there's evil afoot.

Not necessarily just for superheroes, although they are far more likely to use this trope.

Related to Flung Clothing


  • As shown in the picture, Superman in all his adaptations.
  • Batman usually. Sometimes shown having his costume in his briefcase.
  • Spider-Man. Again though, sometimes shown having his costume in his backpack.
    • And his daughter, Spider-Girl does it too once or twice.
  • It's implied Team Rocket from Pokémon does this, since their reveals involve pulling off their disguise to reveal the uniform underneath.
  • Parodied in Futurama in the episode "Less than a Hero" Leela plays this strait, tearing off her cloths to reveal her Clobberella costume. Then tearing off her costume to reveal another set of identical clothes, claiming "It was brisk, I dressed in layers" (giving us the trope name). Of course, the joke is, this would have meant she was wearing her costume under her regular clothes, even though her costume had sleeves when her regular clothes don't!
  • The Incredibles characters used to do this before superheroics were outlawed, and they did it again at the very end, with the very last shot of the film being Mr. Incredible imitating Superman's iconic use of this trope.
  • In the animated version of Teen Titans, when Robin is forced to go to a prom with a girl. At one point he rips off his prom suit to reveal his costume.
  • Parodied in Sky High where teen heroes-in-training practice changing into several different outfits, including "super-suits", civvies, and athletic uniforms, via ye olde telephone booth, spoofing Superman's tendency to change in phone booths in the past.
  • Spoofed here: http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=1344#comic
  • In the Fatal Fury anime movie, Kim Kapwan somehow disintegrates all of his clothing, revealing his fighting ouitfit below (all in the middle of a party where no fighting was expected to actually take place -talk about Crazy-Prepared.)
  • Captain America used to wear his suit under his civilan clothes, including strapping his shield to his back.
  • Harley does this in Batman: The Animated Series
  • In an episode of Family Guy. Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire are dressed as waiters at a fancy dinner party at the Pewterschmits' house and are planning to rob their vault. They rip off their tuxes to reveal black 'theiving' clothes underneath, complete with black stocking caps.
  • Superted takes this to a similar extreme to the Futurama example, but even further. The eponymous bear would unzip his fur to reveal his costume, then unzip his costume to reveal his fur afterwards, infinitely.

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