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Impaled Palm

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A character has something driven into the palm of their hand and right out the other side. Usually a knife, but may be a bullet.

This may be done for several reasons:
  • To make us empathise with their pain, while injuring them in a way that allows them to carry on operating mostly unhindered.
  • To demonstrate their badassedness when they simply withdraw the object and carry on
  • To demonstrate their extreme badassedness when it was then that drove the object into their own palm in the first place.
  • To imply some parallel with some guy who once suffered similar wounds.

  • Constable Angel in Hot Fuzz is stabbed in the palm by Santa Claus.
  • Eric Draven in The Crow first demonstrates his regenerating powers by getting shot through the middle of the palm of his hand.
  • Roy Batty in Blade Runner keeps himself alive for a few crucial moments longer by driving a nail into his own palm.
  • Er... Jesus.

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