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Special Houseguest
An otherworldly being forms a mutual relationship with an ordinary human.
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An ordinary person has an encounter with a strange creature, or maybe someone with special powers. The ordinary person allows this uncommon being to live with him/her and his/her family. Together, they experience several exciting escapades, which result in an Odd Friendship. The otherworldly being, in turn, learns more about humanity. If the ordinary person and the special houseguest have opposite genders, they might even engage in a Fantastic Romance.

Trope Namer is the Platypus Comix article "The Platypus Comix Almanac of Special Houseguests".


Anime and Manga
  • Ah! My Goddess has a goddess, Belldandy, live with an ordinary college student, Keiichi.

Film - Animated
  • Stitch of Lilo & Stitch becomes the alien pet of a little Hawaiian girl, Lilo.

Film - Live Action

Live Action Television

Western Animation
  • The Littles stars some mouse-sized people who become friends with the normal-sized Henry Bigg.
  • The animated Spin-Off of Punky Brewster gave Punky Brewster a "leprechaun gopher" named Gomer.
  • Rubik, the Amazing Cube re-imagined Rubik's Cube as a magical creature befriended by the Rodriguez children.
  • American Dad! has the alien Roger living with Stan's family.
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