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Superheroes from before the Golden Age Of Comic Books
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Everybody knows that the Superhero genre as we know it didn't start until Action Comics #1. But Ur Example superheroes existed long before Superman arrived in Metropolis, in fact Superhero-like beings go back to ancient times, a fact acknowledged by how the The Avengers have had at least three mythological figures on their roster at one point or another.

There are a few reasons for this:
  • A) How many pre-Superman superheroes there were, or even if there were any at all, depends greatly on your definition of the term.
  • B) Unlike every other "age" of superhero fiction, characters before the Golden Age the were usually not created for Comic Books, Movies or the extremely-nascent medium of Television, but rather were in novels, pulp magazines or folklore.
  • C) Many of the characters became forgotten or overshadowed once Golden Age Of Comic Books started up, and those that didn't usually weren't referred to as Superheroes.
  • D) Many of them didn't have actual superpowers and would today be referred to as being Badass Normal.


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  • The Shadow (introduced in the early 30s) from radio dramas and pulp novels. One of the main inspirations for Batman. Other pulp heroes like The Spider and to a certain extent Doc Savage also apply.
  • The Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger, both made by the same guy and basically having the same shtick only in different time-period, both debuted on the Radio before Superman debuted.

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