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Character has what they think is a one-night stand. Next morning they encounter their partner in an unrelated context and awkwardness ensues.
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Sometimes characters just need to get laid, no strings attached. Sometimes the strings get tangled up in their feet when they're not paying attention. This trope covers instances of a one-night stand followed by awkwardness when one participant encounters the other in an unrelated context the next morning. Frequently said context is at work, where the other party is the new guy (for extra awkwardness, s/he is the first character's supervisor).

This may or may not be the start of a Romance Arc, and by extension may occur in romantic comedies.




[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
  • Happens in the beginning of Guilty Love, where Nina sleeps with a random woman she meets in the bar--only to discover the next morning that the woman, Mayu, is her daughter's preschool teacher.
  • In the ecchi anime OAV based on the equally ecchi manga Cinderella Express, Yuuji Shimano is on the train to his wedding location when a hooker hired by his buddies stops by the private compartment to give him a little fun. She gets off the station before he does and he thinks he'll never see her again. She is, in fact, his new sister-in-law who is moving into the same apartment building.

  • Top Gun: The evening following orientation Maverick seduces a blonde named Charlotte Blackwood in the ladies room at a local bar. Next morning he and Goose head out to the tarmac for a pre-exercise briefing and discover that the blonde, "callsign 'Charlie'", is an astrophysicist and civilian Top Gun instructor. They eventually end up as the film's Official Couple.
  • Incredibly awkward in Old School. Mitch hooks up with a girl who turns out to be his boss's daughter. And she's still in high school. Then she shows up later while he's in the middle of a date.

  • Early in Valor's Choice by Tanya Huff, Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr discovers that the di'Taykan she went to bed with the previous night is actually her platoon's new second lieutenant whom she was supposed to meet in the morning. In this case the awkwardness is only during the briefing and entirely on Torin's end: Taykans are hardly puritanical about sex and they have no trouble working together thereafter.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • This is how Meredith meets Derek in Grey's Anatomy. The day before Meredith starts her new job as a surgical intern she has a one night stand. The next day she finds out he works as an attending at the same hospital.
  • In Inspector Rex, Marc Hoffman and Nikki Herzog have a one-night stand the morning before they start the new jobs. The next morning, they not only discover that they are both police officers, but they are now partners.
  • In an episode of Bones Brennan has a one night stand with her former college professor who has just come to town. The next day she discovers that he's the forensic anthropologist that the defense has hired for a trial she's testifying at.

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