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Dramatically Large Panel
Important events go in large panels.
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Bigger is more important.

Therefore in Web Comics, Comic Books, and even Sunday strips of Newspaper Comics, to lend dramatic emphasis to an action, it appears in a much larger panel than most actions its size. It often fills the page for comic books, the entire strip for newspaper comics, and even for the theoretical Infinite Canvas of web comics, it frequently stands alone to add even more emphasis. A noticable contrast to the panels about it, or even superimposed on it, is also possible.

Not to be confused with a Panoramic Panel (still in YKKTW) where the large panel is used to show a whole landscape. Overlap is possible if the action filled up a large area.


Comic Books
  • In the "Born Again" sequence of Daredevil, when Daredevil and Karen meet again, the moment when he embraces her while she cries, fills the entire page.

Web Comic
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