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Catching some Zzzzz
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A trope spread widely in media. When a character sleeps, sometimes a lot of letter Zs is near this character. Sometimes "Zzzz" is found in Speech Bubble, sometimes it's just a stream of Zzzzzs coming from character's mouth.

The trope is so obvious that people in media and real life use the term "Catching some Zs" to indicate they're going to go to sleep. Amusingly, it makes no sense; the Zs usually flutter off into space, and nobody catches them.

See Snot Bubble for anime version of this.


Comic Book
  • Mad Magazine's parody of Room 222 was titled Room 222zzzz... (with the z's gradually trailing off over a scene showing the class asleep).
  • In one Bash Street Kids strip, Teacher ends up falling asleep and the kids (who he's spend the entire story bringing into class) complain he's not teaching them anything but the last letter of the alphabet.

Newspaper Comics
  • Garfield is known to have Zs in a speech bubble. Unusually, it's usually only a single Z.
  • In Blondie, Dagwood's snoring is written as "Sn-x-x-x!"

Video Games
  • In Patapon, units can fall asleep due to Standard Status Effect with "Zzzzz" coming out of them when sleeping.
  • This is used in the Sims games.
  • In Metal Gear Solid and its sequels, sleeping guards (i.e. knocked out with tranquilizers or already asleep when you come across them) have Z's floating arund their head (beating them unconscious leaves stars).
  • Dozing non-player characters in Lord of the Rings Online have the trail of Zs.
  • This is used in City of Heroes

Western Animation
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