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Ode to Intoxication

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A lyrics trope: the vocalist sings about how great it is to get drunk, or high - usually with biting sarcasm. (However, not all of them have to be sarcastic...)

When the tongue-in-cheek version is used well, it can double as a less Anvilicious way of saying Drugs Are Bad.


  • Skold vs. KMFDM's track, "Alkohol". The title hints at the subject matter.
The devil goes by many names
Ceremonious libation
Pure intoxication
Lets get basted, shit-faced, wasted
  • Angelspit's "Elixir" is an interesting case. The general theme is that 'there's a drug for everything nowadays' but it also covers drug addiction - including the chorus, suggested as being from the 'point of view' of the addiction itself. There are a few interesting analyses on
  • "High Times" by Jamiroquai.
You're a rock star
And some tin foil with a glass pipe
Is your guitar
  • Barenaked Ladies' "Alcohol".
  • The infamous "Beer" song set to the 1812 Overture/Overture to Carmen..
Oh, what gets you drunker quicker,
what is that malted liquor,
what comes in bottles or in cans?
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