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If your story takes place in a specific, extant location, some local color is to be expected: the natives of the place should act like people who live there do; the ones who are visiting should react to the unfamiliarity.

But all that is complicated, particularly if it's a place you're not familiar with. Just start off with "It was a dark and stormy night in New York" and just like that, your tale is set in New York.

A type of Informed Attribute and a subtrope of They Just Didn't Care. Can result from California Doubling. Compare Hollywood Atlas, The Mountains of Illinois; contrast No Communities Were Harmed. In extreme cases, can overlap with Creator Provincialism.


  • A lot of sitcoms have a nominal setting they almost never actually show much (if any) of. Quick, where is Three's Company set? Santa Monica.
  • One book in the World of Darkness game line, ostensibly set in New Orleans, mentions the city's subway system. Which it neither does nor feasibly can have.
  • Seinfeld and to a lesser extent Friends are said to take place in New York, and indeed Manhattan[[hottip:*:Cars are more useful in the outerboroughs, and the subway doesn't even go to Staten Island]], but frequently depict characters driving, and almost never show them riding the subway.
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