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Wall And Fall
Hitting a wall in mid-air and slowly sliding down
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A cartoon staple. You are launched into the air. Maybe due to a Megaton Punch, maybe because of being shot out of a cannon. Point is, you're flung airborne. Then suddenly *SMACK*, you collide facefirst into a wall. Somehow surviving this, you slowly slide down (usually with sound effects.)

A common variant of this involves windows and glass walls, which also includes the shot from the inside of the glass, of the poor schmuck sliding down, again with sound effects.

Sometimes combined with Camera Abuse when they're flung at the camera. Results on a Face Plant half the time.

Not to be confused with Wall Slump. Contrast Wall Jump and Pinned to the Wall, as well as Wall Bounce.


Fan Works
  • Text-only example in chapter 54 of Paper Mario X 2: Link finds a Bulky Bomb whom he mistakes for a giant Bombette, his partner from the previous story. Once he realizes who he is hugging, the bomb explodes, Link is sent flying across the room, collides into a wall, and slides into the water.

Film — Animation
  • Persnickety boss Gilbert Huph slams into a file cabinet and falls into a heap in Pixar's The Incredibles. Averted with the four plasterboard walls he went completely through, propelled by Bob Parr's Megaton Punch.
  • This happens to Jessie in Pixar's Toy Story 3, when the toddlers in the day care center fling her against one wall. This is one of a montage of horrible experiences that Andy's toys endure to show that Lotso Bear has consigned them to toydom's equivalent of a ghetto.
  • An insane pileup of police cruisers and aircraft occurs in The LEGO Movie when the portal between Bricksburg and The Old West closes behind Emmett and Wyldstyle. This leaves only solid wall for the pursuing vehicles to smash against, creating a ridiculous heap of flaming wreckage. Bad Cop is understandably upset at this development.

Film — Live-Action
  • Played seriously in The Cabin in the Woods. In an attempt to escape the titular location, Curt Vaughan tries to launch a motorcycle over a chasm. He slams into a force field in midair and bounces down it to his death.
  • Much like in the cartoon of the same name, in George of the Jungle, George frequently slams into rocks and trees when he tries to swing on a vine.
  • The guinea pig Blaster of Disney's G Force thinks he can escape from the display case in Elia's Pet Shop by ramming through the glass. This trope happens when he learns the hard way that its not glass and that it doesn't break on impact.
  • Happens to an executive in The Hudsucker Proxy, who tries to commit suicide the same way as Mr. Hudsucker- turns out they replaced the glass at the end of the board meeting table with plexiglass after Hudsucker plummeted to his death- leaving the executive to smack into the glass and slowly slide down against it.
  • In Thor: The Dark World, during Thor and Malekith's fight, they're accidentally teleported onto the top of a building and then are seen skidding slowly down the bulding's windows.

Live-Action TV
  • Averted on Late Night with David Letterman when the titular host ran up to a trampoline and impacted against a plasterboard section covered with felt. At the time, Letterman was wearing a Velcro suit, so rather than sliding down the wall, he stuck in place to roaring laughter.

  • The father (an Expy of Neidermeyer) in the video for Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" tries to get back into the house by swinging on a rope. He hits the wall and the trope happens.

Video Games
  • This happens to Link in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker after he gets shot out of a cannon from Terra's ship and into the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Pokémon Black and White. In the sixth gym, the final cannon you are launched out of is too powerful, causing this.
  • S4 League: Some sniper and melee weapons have attacks that throw target back upon a hit. The player characters will slap flat against walls which are close enough in the direction of the throw, for additional damage and inability to act until they slide down along it. The throw-back effect is avoided by timely animation cancel, so relying on the wall slap can backfire in hardcore games.
  • The fourth installment of Super Smash Bros. occasionally has characters that have been launched into the sky instead flung towards the screen with their face sliding down the fourth wall, overlapping with Camera Abuse. In the earlier games, characters simply bounced off the camera.
  • In Meet the Medic video of Team Fortress 2, the Scout is launched onto a window (when at first it's thought he flew onto the camera and broke it) and then slowly falls down.
  • In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, Crash's death animation against the 2-headed lab assistant in the level Double Header is getting smacked towards the camera and then slides down the screen.
  • In the Water Slide level of The Simpsons: Virtual Bart, one of the death animations if Bart goes down the wrong tube involves him flying into a brick wall with an image of Krusty the Clown's head on it and sliding down it.
  • In the Talespin video game for the Sega Genesis, if Baloo or Kit loses a life, they will fly into the screen and slide down.

Web Animation
  • Super Mario Bros. Z has Bowser catapulted into the screen in the first episode, sliding down it.

Western Animation
  • George of the Jungle frequently showed the dangers of Vine Swinging and is the Trope Namer for Watch Out for That Tree! as a result.
  • In the first episode of The Legend of Korra, while chased by police, Korra makes an ice wall which one of the policemen hit, and slides down comically.
  • Occurs to Sylvester the cat while chasing Tweety through the canals of Venice, Italy in the Looney Tunes cartoon "A Pizza Tweety Pie". Sylvester is waterskiing behind a motorboat in his pursuit, and lifts himself by the tail to avoid collision with a mooring pole. This action, however, makes Sylvester exceed the clearance height of a pedestrian bridge. Sylvester smacks hard into its side, and slides off into the water. A sign of the bridge admonishes "Duck-a you head: Lowla Bridge-ada."
  • Happens to Spiderman in Robot Chicken when his spider senses distract him by reporting on the danger of being hundreds of feet above Manhattan.
  • The Caped Chameleon gets hit with this in The Tick, even changing colors when he hits the wall.
  • Rhino the hamster gets superpowers in the Pixar cartoon "Super Rhino" in order to rescue Penny and Bolt from the clutches of Doctor Calico. Arriving outside the madman's domed fortress, Rhino begins dispatching mooks, and from Penny and Bolt's viewpoint, they see the shapes of an aircraft, a vehicle and a helmeted mook appear as embossing on the inside of the steel dome. Clearly, Rhino is not feeling charitable toward villains that day.

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