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Raised by Dudes

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Subtrope of Raised by Wolves where the character was specifically raised around a bunch of guys (or just one) and thus is dysfunctional in normal society, sometimes especially around women. Girls in this situation often become One of the Boys, or I Have Brothers may apply.

  • Sosuke from Full Metal Panic! is so hampered by his upbringing around various military and terrorist groups that he was on the Asexuality page for some time.
  • Completed averted in Robert B. Parker's Spenser series. Spenser was raised by his father and his uncles, all of whom were tough as nails and hard as steel. And Spenser turned out to be a Badass Cultured hero.
  • Thrud The Barbarian was raised by berserkers. They taught him the four essential skills - fighting,fighting, drinking beer and fighting.
  • Vina claims to be this at first in the Star Trek pilot "The Cage," acting awkward and unfeminine around Captain Pike because she was raised by a group of old, male scientists.
  • Doc Savage was raised by his father and a handpicked team of male tutors. It is mentioned in the novels as being why he has a poor understanding of the psychology of the female mind; one of his few weak spots.
  • In Real Life this is an argument against Gay Marriage, despite the fact that a single parent adoptee should raise similar complaints.
  • Tulip from Preacher.
  • Hell Boy was raised at a military base, back when it was frowned upon to have women enlist.
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