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Fan Outsider Nickname
A fandom has a name for non-members of the fandom.
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Should We Have This?? Needs a Better Title. Needs More Examples.

Many fandoms have Fan Community Nicknames. Some of them take this a step further. After all, the point of a subculture is that there are people who are part of it, and people who aren't. So shouldn't there be a term for them as well?

That's the Fan Outsider Nickname. A term used by the fans that basically means "people who don't know what we're talking about, and don't care". Sometimes used disparagingly, especially if the fandom is feeling defensive, but often just a handy peice of terminology, especially if some aspect of the fandom has "gone mainstream" (as in "Even the Fan Outsider Nicknames know about...").


  • Science Fiction, Fantasy and Roleplaying fans in general sometimes use "mundanes".


  • Potterites, of course, have "Muggles" for those who lack their connection to the wizarding world. Other fandoms have picked up on this.

Live-Action TV

Real Life
  • Some members of the Gay community derisively refer to straight people as "Breeders".
  • Some LARP groups also use "mundanes".

Western Animation

Any others?
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