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So you have a Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits from the Wrong Side of the Tracks who want to win a contest or sporting event. Well, they get a trainer, but have no money or equipment, what are they supposed to do? Use ingenious improvised equipment, Wax On, Wax Off techniques, and get a lighter form of The Spartan Way / Training from Hell.

Turns out the rougher and unconventional training pays off and helps them win.

You can tell a group got Training From Monterrey because they will absolutely marvel at the luxury of well funded professional teams. The richer, posh kids will sneer at them, and the kids with this training, while these kids will reply they didn't need sissy advantages or buy success with money.

Named for the little league baseball team in The Perfect Game. They're poor, have no advantages, and actually have to clean up a church yard of brush, tires, and rocks to get a ball field. Their training consisted in a lot of running, cutting their own bats from wood, and hitting balls made of rubber bands/wire. They do eventually get real bats and balls, though they never see cut grass fields until they start competing.
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