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Rather Face The Mermaids
When a character or characters are more afraid of their leader than what their leader is commanding them to go after.
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Basically, a crew's boss commands them to go do something dangerous. If the crew has second thoughts, they then realize that whatever the task is, it can't be more dangerous than disobeying their captain. Trope Namer is when Blackbeard in the 4th Pirates of the Carribean shoots at his crew when they attempt to run away from the mermaids and tells them they'll find no safety on the land if they don't capture a mermaid. The crew realizes that and heads back to the water. Another example is in old Howling Commandos comics when Nick Fury, or occasionally Happy Sam, would order the Howlers to engage a platoon of Nazis or capture a tank, and the Howlers oblige because they are more afraid of Fury than the enemy.
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