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Multiplayer Addition
A video game that didn't have a multiplayer mode, gets one
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This trope is when a video game that is only single player, gets a multiplayer mode later, can be in the same game being re-released, or in an update/DLC, or in subsequent games of the series.

When we're talking about a game that asked for a multiplayer mode from the start, expect it to become a huge improvement and make the sequel/remake/new version much better than the original, however, if this is a game meant for single player gameplay and the multiplayer mode is shoehorned, then the new mode can become shoved aside by the players or can even prejudice the single player by forcing the developers to make two modes at the same time and at the end both are half-done.

Polar opposite of Multiplayer Removal.

First-Person Shooter

  • BioShock is a single player only FPS, that was very praised by the critics, the sequel BioShock 2 got a multiplayer mode, but the multiplayer was very criticized, and the overall game has met with a good critical response but much worse than the original, then it was confirmed that BioShock Infinite will not have a multiplayer mode, making many of the fans happy.
  • Crysis had multiplayer added with an expansion pack, Crysis Wars. The decision to add multiplayer was viewed as a good idea; the decision to charge for its addition was not.
  • GoldenEye 007 was meant to be a single player only game, but in the middle of the development the multiplayer mode was added, since the multiplayer is considered by many the best mode in the game and the reason why it was such a huge success and popularized the FPS genre on consoles, it was obviously a good decision.


  • Mass Effect 3 was the first game in the series to have multiplayer. It was generally well received by the fanbase and got several awards, but the decision to make how much you played it affect the outcome of the single-player campaign, to the point where you initially couldn't get the "best" ending without it, was thoroughly criticized (especially because it contradicted a pre-release promise by BioWare). This was among the things fixed in the free "Extended Cut" DLC.
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