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Combined, all the trinkets are collectively much stronger
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Formerly Magic Artifact Set Bonus. Submit a witty caption and win a fabulous... err... reason to be happy?

So you have a setting with Magic and Powers, and most of the cast (including villains) have some form of magical artifact or high tech gadget that grant them abilities beyond the norm. The cast probably even has some form of speciation, Weapon of Choice and even Personality Powers based on their chosen trinket.

Eventually though, someones is going to ask the question of "Why can't we just give all our artifacts to The Hero/Villain and let them plow through the opposition?" and the result is glorious.

Turns out that having one character wield all these weapons, or just a whole lot of the same one, gives an exponential rather than an additive bonus. Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness aside, this means a single character with all the artifacts can do a whole lot more than a team sharing them. Of course, most of the time there's a prophecy that explicitly says combining them all will empower the character far beyond the scope of individual artifacts, as can be the case of the Dismantled MacGuffin.

However, the flip side to the above is sometimes the weapons/artifacts are explicitly not meant to be united, since doing so may upset the cosmic balance and/or lead to the wielder getting Drunk on the Dark Side and suffering a Super Power Meltdown. This is especially true when characters are already willing to kill in their quest to Catch Em All, and doubly so if all the artifacts were once a single ruinous weapon or Artifact of Doom.

See Plot Coupon for when the end result is a MacGuffin. See also All Your Powers Combined.

Anime and Manga
  • The eponymous Dragon Balls within the series of the same name. They can only summon a magical wish-giving dragon once all seven are combined.

Comic Books
  • In the Marvel Comics Crisis Crossover, Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos combines the Infinity Gems (each one a self-contained Class 4 on the Super Weight scale) to from the nigh-omnipotent Infinity Gauntlet, which boosts him instantly up to Class 5 status.
  • In Green Lantern this is the case when anyone wears more than one lantern ring, the wielder gets to essentially dual wield (or multi wield) guns. Combining different colored rings can be even more spectacular since they have interesting synergies. 1.

  • In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, simply wearing one of the two Silver Slippers (Ruby in the movie) is enough to give the wearer near complete invulnerability to magical attack and physical harm. Having both gives the wearer wish granting abilities close to a 3 or 4 on the Super Weight scale.

Live-Action TV
  • The "objects" in The Lost Room can be lethal on their own, but when one person has more than one they tend to become obscenely powerful. One particular combination of objects can potentially create a localized rip in space-time.

  • Some artifacts in early editions of Dungeons & Dragons had this quality. For example, the Cup and Talisman of Al'Akbar had useful powers on their own, but when used together they could use a tremendous power. The same was true of the Crown, Orb and Scepter of Might, the Rod of Seven Parts and the Teeth of Dahlver Nar.
  • A few cards in Magic: The Gathering have this as an added bonus to playing an entire set. From summoning up legendary warriors to giving you loads of mana.

Video Games
  • Item (particularly, armor) sets in Diablo II give you set bonuses if you wear some or all of them at once.
  • Ditto armor sets from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. There were also some non-armor item sets, such as pair rings.
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy has a lot of these. Many equipment items have a property that, if you have three (or, in some cases, four) items with the same property equipped, you get a bonus effect.
  • RuneScape uses this a lot. There are certain sets of clothing that boost the amount of experience you gain in skills. Wearing the entire set will raise the boost above just the sum of its parts. Additionally, certain armour sets will grant boosts to your combat stats, or grant access to special attacks, but only if every piece is worn.
  • The Seven Chaos Emeralds in nearly all Sonic the Hedgehog media.
  • The Fused Shadows in Twilight Princess. Individually, each fragment holds a dark power that can warp the mind of whoever comes in contact with them. However, it is only when the three are combined that their true power can be called forth.
    • The Zelda series in general has the Triforces. They are three magical artifacts which were created by the 3 Goddesses themselves. Each Triforce supposedly contains the essence of the goddess that created it: Power, Wisdom and Courage. When all three parts are combined, it forms a completed Triforce which will grant the wish of the first person to touch it. However, if that person has an unequal balance of Power, Wisdom or Courage, they will only receive the essence they value most (Ganondorf treasured Power, so that's all he got). The other two parts will then seek out champions which most exemplify the other two traits (Zelda--Wisdom & Link--Courage) to defend itself. It's only when all of the champions have been defeated (or willingly surrender their Triforce piece) that the complete Triforce will reappear and the wish can finally be granted.
  • Some items in Team Fortress 2 come in sets that grant additional abilities (typically with some sort of downside, as with the equipment) if you have all of them equipped (typically 2-3 weapons, some also have cosmetic items).
  • World of Warcraft has item sets which grant every increasing bonuses the more items from a given set are equipped.
  • In The World Ends with You, many "Gatito" brand pins only function in battle if the player can collect all the pins in a set. The "Darklit Planets" set (comprising six pins) is an exception as each can be used individually, but they power up significantly if the player has all six. Which is no easy task.

Web Comics
  • Homestuck, pretty much alchemy in general whenever weapons or artefact's are concerned.
  • The point of the latest arc of Rusty and Co.: Prestige Perkins suspects that the Illithid Mobs are gathering lesser magical trinkets to create a dangerous weapon, later revealed to be a literal Magic Missile.

Western Animation
  • BIONICLE: the Golden Armor.
  • The Makluan Rings in Iron Man: Armored Adventures that the Mandarin is after.
  • In the 2011 ThunderCats (1985), the various gems (one of which is the Eye of Thundera) if all are placed in a sword and bracer will make the wielder nigh omnipotent.
  • The Shen Gong Wu in Xiaolin Showdown tend to have this effect. There's a subset of them that when combined will create the dreaded Mala-mala Jong.

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