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A character, usually in a futuristic metropolis, whose job is to carry messages from Point A to Point B. Despite the fact that it's Twenty Minutes into the Future, people still need packages, pictures, or high-security messages delivered by hand. Couriers usually have little or no equipment, and travel with Le Parkour.

May be justified with the Hand Wave of government monitoring of electronic communications; the couriers may be asked to deliver illegal contraband which would be intercepted by authorities if transmitted over the internet.


  • Last Exile has them flying vanships.
  • Get Backers mixes in super powers and takes it to the logical extreme.

  • The subject of the story "The Courier" in Flight volume five.


Live-Action TV

Tabletop RPG
  • Shadowrun. Runners sometimes get hired to do a courier job. One memorable one was to deliver a dragon's egg.
  • I.C.E.'s Cyberspace. The Skateboys is a gang that carries messages and packages while riding motorized skateboards.

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Get Ed is about a whole team of these.

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