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Final Book Movie Split
The Film Of The Book (usually the last one in a series) is actually two films.
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So you're watching the film of the last book in a series, content in the fact that the whole movie adapts the whole book like the preceding ones. But then there is a Cliff Hanger ending. You read the source material to find that the book continues beyond that point. What happened?

Well, The Film of the Book was split in half.

It's becoming a common trend to see cinema adaptions of the last novel in a book series be split in two, and likely if said book is the Grand Finale (which it almost always is).

Also see Gecko Ending where an adaption ends just short of the source material ending and the adaptation has to Wrap It Up.

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  • Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was split into two movies.
  • The Hobbit will be split into three movies.
    • Saturday Night Live parodies this with a Parody Commercial for The Hobbit, which it says will be in nineteen 3-hour movies. The first film is already in the can, but others include The Hobbit 2: Journey to the Beginning of the Walk to Smaug's Lair, Hobbit 3: Shoot, I Just Realized I Forgot Something Back at the Shire. Mind if we Double Back? and Hobbit 4: Apple Maps: An Unexpected Detour. The final film will be released in 2028 - bring your grandkids!
    • Inverted with The Lord of the Rings, There are six books and the film adapted two per movie.
  • In 2012 it was announced that Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Games, will be split into two movies.
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