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Related to There Is Another but a lil different. Basically, the protagonist is bestowed/introduced with supernatural abilities that not even he/she fully comprehends. Either they or the viewer is lead to believe that they are the only one in the universe to be blessed/cursed with their bizarre powers. Turns out they're/we're dead wrong. Not only are they multiple persons who possess the exact same/similar abilities, but apparently they've all come together and made a profitable lil industry about it, which certain members in certain areas.

Storywise, this can go down in different ways: Often his follow peers are inflated and condencending towards the protagonist due to his/her inexperience, giving leway into an episode where their base gets attacked by the corporation's archnemis and our hero has to save all their sorry asses. Other times, despite having the same powers, the hero's methods will clash with anothers.


Gary Hobson of Early Edition (and us) believes he is the only "man who gets tomorrow's paper today", till he starts meeting others. One of the first being some guy from New York who the antithesis of everything humble Hobson is: The guy uses the paper to give him an edge in the stock market, owns a chain fancy restaurants, and even has a hired team of people who carry out the paper's tasks for him.

BTVS Really knew how to distill the whole Chose One thing. Then came the series finale.

American Dragon Jake Long. While it is mentioned early on that Jake's the designated dragon of the States, we really don't in full effect until this global gathering that takes place in one episode, where we meet everyone from the Australian Dragon to the Egyptian dragon.

Basically, being The Chosen One doesn't mean being the Only One.
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