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Big Brother Government
A government that seeks to control every aspect of it's citizens lives
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It would surprise me greatly if tvtropes has gone this long without this trope. But if it has indeed, then How Did We Miss This One??

Within a work, the government is a secretive and oppressive regime where everyone is afraid to speak out, for fear of being disappeared. They are a combination of the Police State (Order is enforced through extreme measures.), Surveillance State (Everyone is monitored), and Totalitarianism (Every aspect of citizen's lives is controlled by the state).

No free speech or free will is permitted. You are a mere cog in the system. Conform or die.

Will invariably feature a Secret Police.


Comic Books Film Literature
  • 1984: The Ministry of Love
  • Fahrenheit451: Haven't read it, but I know it's about this in some way.
  • "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut the govenmernt enforces the 211-213th amendments to the Constitution to make sure that everyone is equal in every way. If you're stronger than average, they make you wear weights to hinder you. If you're smarter, you have to wear special gear that basically gives you tinnitus to keep you from thinking. Etc.
Live-Action TV Real Life
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