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Launching tomorrow morning, last call for examples!

This is about using extremely long and thick objects (get your mind out of the gutter) as blunt weaponry carried one-handed over the shoulder (see Blade Above The Shoulder) but swung two-handed in a devastating arc: think telephone poles, streetlamps, trees... See also Improbable Weapon User, Blade on a Stick, Batter Up, BFS and Drop the Hammer and Improbable Weapon User. Some overlap with Improvised Weapon.

  • Taurens in WarCraft 3 use their totems (essentialy enormous, decorated logs) like this.
  • Chad's first fight against a Hollow in Bleach (which he can't even see at the time), he picks up a fallen telephone pole and sweeps it around until it hits something.
  • Ping yanks a streetlamp out of the ground and swings away with it in Megatokyo. Not only has she used a telephone pole as a weapon/tool on more than one occasion, at least once she has fixed it back in place afterwards (and thanked it).
  • In Time Crisis 2 one boss, the second stage boss is a huge Scary Black Man who fights you by bear-hugging a nuclear missile by the business end and beating you over the head with it in the second stage of the fight.
  • Thorkell in Vinland Saga uses tree-sized sharpened stakes as either melee or ship-sinking ranged weapons.
  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode "Hawk and Dove", Hawk rips a tree out of the ground and uses it to smack the Annihilator around.
  • An old side-scrolling beat-em up named Crude Buster had this as standard. Larger poles were picked up and thrown while smaller ones were used as clubs. You could also throw cars.
  • Hualin (one of the shopkeepers from Soul Calibur III and a bonus character) uses an enchanted staff that can shift length and thickness to fight, and often shifts it to telephone pole dimensions for stronger attacks.
  • Neo in The Matrix here at 6:05.
  • Joachim in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
  • Some characters in Freedom Force could rip poles right out of the ground and swing them. You could bring down a building by throwing enough trash cans at it or pounding it with light poles. I actually found lamp posts to be a bit of a Disc One Nuke considering they could easily knock away enemies. Of course, it could also accidently cause Friendly Fire if you had two of your heroes together.
  • Apparently this is possible in the Hulk video games.

Any others, Do We Have This? Rolling Updates (which I should have mentioned earlier).
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