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Characters As Their Avatar
The characters are playing an RPG and look in-game exactly like (or very similar to) their out-of-game appearances.
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This trope describes the phenomenon that, when fictional characters are playing an RPG (Tabletop or virtual), their "avatars" look exactly like them, despite the endless freedom to make them look however they want. Sometimes, the avatars don't look 'exactly' like their players (for example when they belong to a fantasy race) but still share enough distinguishing features that they're clearly recognizable.

The reason for this trope is of course that the viewer or reader can quickly attribute the different avatars to the respective characters.


  • Weregeek is a webcomic about a group of role-players who play several RP Gs, like Dungeons & Dragons, Shadowrun or a Vampire LARP. While their LARP character looking like the players is completely logical, this trope is in effect during the Tabletop sessions (including one character playing an orc in D&D and two players playing a troll and a gnome, respectively, in SR)
  • The Gamers features this in all three movies, even going so far as having the sorceress Luster being played by the same actor who plays her (male) player. At least, from time to time.
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