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Victorious Chorus

A chorus is used to emphasize triumph.

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Formerly "Triumphant Choir"

To show ultimate triumph, all you need is a chorus. It's probably because a chorus is made of multiple people, and it gives the feeling of multiple people sharing in triumph.

When you hear a chorus, combined with Orchestral Bombing, it sometimes means that something epic is happening. Usually, in a minor key, the chorus is used to reinforce the atmosphere of a battle. But when it shifts to a major key it becomes this trope. It usually means that the hero has defeated the villain once and for all, the hero has obtained the ultimate MacGuffin, or something like that.

The Standard Snippets for this trope are the Hallelujah chorus from the Messiah oratorio by Handel and "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9.

Compare and contrast Ominous Latin Chanting and Ethereal Choir. Also compare Fanfare.

Due to the nature of triumph in stories, may contain spoilers!


Anime and Manga

Film (Live Action)
  • The Russian Chorus in the film adaptation of The Hunt for Red October.
  • The end of Return of the Jedi (Star Wars episode VI) had a choral piece in the soundtrack when the fireworks were going off on Endor, celebrating the destruction of the second Death Star and the defeat of The Empire.
  • Can be heard in the finale of Independence Day as they watch the remains of the mothership falling from the sky.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Choir Triumphant kicks in when the One Ring is destroyed in the lava of Mount Doom towards the end of Return of the King, the last installment.
  • The Matrix Revolutions. Near the end of the movie when the Agent Smiths are being destroyed, the chorus starts singing triumphantly.

Live-Action TV

Video Games
  • In Skyrim, you hear a male choir chanting something in Draconic each time you defeat a dragon or learn a thu'um.
  • Catherine uses the Hallelujah chorus for when you clear a level.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess added a choir to the iconic Item Get! theme.
  • In Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, the final phase of the Final Boss theme in each game incorporate a triumphant-sounding chorus into an orchestral reprise of the main theme.
  • In the Worms series, a Hallelujah chorus will ring out every time you throw the mighty Holy Hand Grenade. Yes, that Holy Hand Grenade.
  • Starcraft II: The main theme uses this a lot, particularly just before the horns section comes in.
  • Beating a level in Peggle and activating Fever Mode is always accompanied by "Ode to Joy".
  • The Halo theme is generally used for awe inspiring moments, but sometimes it is involved during victories, such as when the Chief blows up a Covenant assault carrier in Halo 2, or when Kat explains her genius plan to Carter in Halo: Reach.
  • In Shadow of the Colossus, most colossus fights have two themes, a tense one at the start which changes to a triumphant fanfare when you do something to help you get to a weak spot, such as finding the right place to Colossus Climb.

Western Animation
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