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Right Out Of Their Clothes

Character or characters lose their clothes and the audience is a party to it

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This is a proposal to cut RightOutOfMyClothes and replace with a better draft formulated here in YKTTW, possibly rename the trope to better. Many examples in Empty Piles of Clothing probably belong here instead because they don't actually fit that trope; in fact, I pasted several examples from there directly.

One moment, a character is living life, oblivious, and in the next? Their clothes, and frequently their modesty, are drifting to the ground around them. As for them? They're naked.

In Shapeshifting, this can be an effect of Animorphism, sometimes combined with The Mind Is a Plaything of the Body (as Furry Reminder kicks in), or as simply as Just Woke Up That Way.

Also seen in Sizeshifting - smaller or larger - gone wrong or the effect of a Fountain of Youth.

In slapstick comedy, this is sometimes seen when a strike is strong enough to literally blow the victim's clothes off as in Getting the Boot, the Plank Gag; or the victim struggling, causing their clothes to fall off as seen in Dragged by the Collar, or All Cloth Unravels. Or, we can be dead simple about it and use The Nudifier. A variation where the clothing a character wears doubles as a costume can lead to The Reveal, or a Dramatic Unmask.

Not to be confused with Empty Piles of Clothing, where a pile of clothing is a mysterious or foreboding element, usually stumbled upon by characters, the audience, or both.


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  • The Trix Rabbit frequently fell victim to this trope as his disguises to get Trix cereal are foiled by his excitement in having the bowl in his hands. His joyful outburst often involved his entire costume falling off, leaving the clothes-less rabbit plain to see. "It's the Rabbit!"

    Card Games 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the movie adaptation of The Witches, when someone is turned into a mouse, they leave their clothes behind. When this happens to Luke, the witches stomp on his clothes in an effort to kill him before he can escape.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • A Running Gag in Peanuts is that whenever Charlie Brown pitches for his baseball team, the opposing batter hits the ball back at him so hard it knocks him right out of his clothes.
    • There's an arc that implies he's doing this on purpose. He gets hit by a ball and is actually injured by it, forcing the team to find another pitcher (who is actually much better) and causing Charlie Brown to worry that he's losing his reflexes. He's nervous during his first game back, but on his very first pitch he's bowled over with his socks, shoes, etc. flying like normal. When people come over to see whether he's okay, he smiles up from the ground. "See? I've got my old reflexes back!"
  • Also happens on occasion in Calvin and Hobbes when Hobbes pounces Calvin when he comes back from school.

    Web Comics 

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