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Stealth Situation
When brute force just won't cut it.
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A character decides that the best alternative to charging at an obstacle head on like a bull in a china shop is to put on some dark colored clothes or not change their appearance at all and sneak their way around it instead.

This is strictly a situational trope and mostly applies to characters who aren't normally stealthy.

For the video game equivalent see Stealth-Based Mission.

Compare Blatant Burglar, Classy Cat-Burglar, Ninja, Spy Catsuit, Stealth-Based Game, Stealth Clothes. Contrast: With Catlike Tread, More Dakka


Anime & Manga

Comic Books
  • Hack Slash. Cassie dons a ski mask to eavesdrop on two police officers in "The Revenge of Evil Ernie", She does so again with Vlad (Vlad is dressed normally) to inspect a morgue in "Tub Club".
  • X-Men. Storm used to engage in these and Wolverine as well at times. You'll rarely see either do so since Storm grew up and Wolverine typically prefers his usual approach.

Film Live Action
  • Thor: The Dark World. Thor's usual method is of solving problems is usually yelling or hitting stuff. But when he realises he needs to get both Jane and the Aether out of Asgard he decides that that won't work and therefore to sneak out instead. Loki even comments on it:
    Loki: This is so unlike you, brother! Very clandestine... Are you sure you wouldn't rather punch your way out?
    Thor: If you keep talking I just might.

  • Ciaphas Cain series. Inquisitor Amberley Veil holds this view, using disguise and subterfuge at every opportunity, since she finds this preferable to "letting the Emperor's enemies know they're coming by charging around like a grox in a porcelain shop". That she has a tendency to go as aristocratic parasites or a Glamorous Wartime Singer may have something to do with it.
  • Animorphs. One book has Rachel get split into a whiny coward and a sociopathic berserker. When the two find themselves trapped, the crazy one finally admits she can't force her way out, and listens to the whiny one's plan.

Live-Action TV
  • Dexter. Dexter does this whenever he searches his would-be victim's house for evidence of their crimes and that they really are the "monsters" he thought them to be.
  • Kenan & Kel. Played for Laughs in "Diamonds Are For Roger". Kenan asks Kel to get gear for a jewelery store break-in. Kel then brings back scuba suits much to Kenan's chargrin but they end up using them anyway.
  • TrueDetective. In "After You've Gone" Rust is seen in a flashback sequence breaking into Billy Lee Tuttle's mansion dressed in black and a ski mask.

Western Animation
  • All Grown Up!
    • In "The Finster Who Stole Christmas", Tommy, Chucky, Dil, Phil and Lil dress in Blatant Burglar outfits with ski masks to steal the tree that Chucky accidentally stole from Chucky's own house without alerting his father to return it.
    • Angelica and Chucky dress in dark garb covering all but their faces when they break into Tommy's house to steal embarrassing photos of Kimi in "Petition This!".
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko whenever he's in his Blue Spirit alter ego. Katara and Zuko in "The Southern Raiders". Katara and Aang in "The Painted Lady".
  • The Batman. Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley do this at a plant testing facility in "Batgirl Begins Part 1".
  • Ben 10. Gwen sneaks into Hex's house to steal a spellbook twice in her Lucky Girl costume. Once in the Alien Force episode "Time Heals" and again in the Ultimate Alien episode "Enemy of My Frenemy."
  • Futurama episode "A Head In The Polls". In a Shout-Out to the Watergate scandal, Leela and Fry dress in Blatant Burglar outfits to steal back Bender's body from President Nixon. They bring Bender's head with them but for obvious reasons he doesn't dress like them barring a cap.
  • Hey Arnold! In the episode "Field Trip" Arnold and his Grandmother dress in Blatant Burglar clothes to kidnap/rescue a turtle from a zoo.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures. In "Enter The Viper" Jackie, Viper and Jade break into a museum though Viper does it to steal the pink puma diamond, Jackie does it to steal the snake talisman and Jade does it just to tag along with Jackie. Curiously; Jackie doesn't bother to cover his face and Jade doesn't even bother to change clothes while Viper does. Amusingly Finn, ratso and Chow show up later after Jackie's arrest to steal the snake talisman only to find the musesum was already broken into.
    • In "The Rock", Jade sneas into the Section 13 vault to steal the talismans intending to trade them off to The Enforcers for the antidote to Jackie's stone transformation.
    • Jade again in "Animal Crackers" when she sneaks the Talisman Animals out of Sector 13 to prove to her classmates her adeventures with jackie really occured at a school fair.
  • Jacob Two-Two. This happens a lot in this show. Renee in "The Staffroom of Doom", Jacob, Buford, Noah and Emma in "The Daily Crown", The Library Ninjas in "The Mystery Of Malty Macguffin", Noah and Emma in "The Doubtful Double Agent", The Library Ninjas and Jacob himself in "The Bookworm Brouhaha", Jacob, Buford and Rennee in "The Puzzling Portable"
  • Samurai Jack
    • In an episode where Jack and the Scotsman were on a mission to rescue the latter's wife, Jack determined that they wouldn't be able to fight their way through the enemy's defenses and thus had to sneak in undetected to get a chance to free the Scotsman's wife. They do manage to get inside the enemy fortress, but things then go awry once they free the Scotsman's furious wife, but even then the three of them manage to destroy all of the robotic guards.
    • Another example in "Jack and the Labrynth". In fact the first half of the whole episode. Jack is dressed in full Ninja garb and another character simply known as "The Thief" in contrast is a Highly Visible Ninja with spy gadgets in contrast to Jack's sword, bow and arrow and infiltration stealth. The Thief mocks Jack for this.
  • The Simpsons
    • Bart wears a ninja outfit to sneak out of his house and saw off the head of the Jebbediah statue. Bart and Lisa in "Apocalypse Cow" try to steal back Bart's marriage proposal cow for Cletus.
    • Marge Simpson and her new friends dress in Blatant Burglar outfits in "Last of the Red Hat Mamas."
    • Lisa tails Milhouse and one of his one off love interests Taffy wearing camouflage in "Homer Scisscorhands". Despite wearing noticeable pink boots.
    • An opening spoof featured the family breaking into a museum in Blatant Burglar outfits. They then disguise themselves as janitors, mummies, camouflage themselves on a painting and then switch back to their normal outfits. To sit on their couch after fitting through lasers.
    • In "Bart of Darkness" Bart enlists Lisa to sneak into Flanders's house after he thinks he murdered Maude.
    • In "Peeping Mom". Bart dresses in his usual ninja outfit to sneak out of the house, followed by Marge tailing him dressed in a black hoodie, dark grey pants and black shoes. Finally Maggie shows up with a dark grey hooded coat with a black ski hat. Played for Laughs when a pink apron falls out from underneath Marge's hoodie which she throws away and Maggie equips her pacifier with a silencer.
  • X-Men: Evolution. Wolverine sneaks into the institute in a ninja outfit to test the security system.
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo?. The two corporate spies and Trudy Lowe in "Recipe For Disaster".
  • Young Justice Inverted. Officially the purpose of the Team is to serve as a covert ops group, for when adult members of the Justice League would bring too much attention to the scene. While many of their missions start off as stealth, sooner or later, things start exploding.

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