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Women's media sucks and men shouldn't like it. EVER.
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Audience Reaction trope, in the vein of Animation Age Ghetto. Help me out, please

"I didn’t create this show for little girls, I created it for little girls and their parents —- including male parents. It only stands to reason that adult animation fans without children may like it too.
The belief that boys shouldn’t be interested in girl things is the main reason there’s hardly anything decent for girls in animation —- or almost any media for that matter. It’s a backwards, sexist outdated attitude."
Lauren Faust, former executive producer of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Mainly, the Double Standard most people have regarding media - That women's entertainment is should only be enjoyed by women with no crossover allowed - despite it being okay for women to watch shows primarily marketed towards men -- keeping in mind most media is male-focused. Not to mention the stigma that media specifically tailored for women is of inferior quality.

This line of thinking is very clear in most creators and executives' minds (though not without warrant considering many Real Life instances and attitudes). Men and women could watch shows meant for men/starring a man, only women could like a "girly" show. Watching a girl show would be unmanly and be subject to ridicule. Just watch any show and the guy who's the more sensitive, caring member of the cast is usually the Butt Monkey.

Unfortunately, women-targeted entertainment has a reputation of not being as good as other shows. Common criticism are that women's media overly touchy-feely, simplistic, poorly-written, and shallow. This mostly due to aesthetics of the media (and not to mention a lot of it is fashion-bashed). The men can be the badass heroes and problem solvers, and women are rarely shown in those roles even in women's media.

Another implication this raises is the implication men watching - yet alone enjoying shows for women is the implication they are homosexual - and that men should avoid being thought of or actually being gay. So this line of thinking is not only sexist, but has a homophobic connotation as well.

The attitude isn't as strong as it once was, but it's still very persuasive. Since Most Writers Are Male, they're going to go for the greatest audience available (or at least, what they think is the greastest audience) and the stigma is still entrenched not only in entertainment, but Real Life.

Compare Real Women Never Wear Dresses, What Do You Mean, It's Not for Little Girls?, Double Standard, The Smurfette Principle.

See also Real Men Wear Pink.


Fan Fiction
  • Some Fan Fiction writers hypothesise that Most Fanfic Writers Are Girls is the reason why 'fanfiction' is considered to be so viscerally disgusting by so many people. It's worth observing that on this wiki, most of the fanfiction included in tropes lists is either adventure-based stuff written by boys (Shinji and Warhammer 40k), or relationship-based stuff that's legendarily bad (My Immortal).

Film - Animation

Film - Live Action

  • Historical Fiction author Nancy Rue said at a workshop that the reason all of her protagonists are male is that girls will read "boy books" but boys won't read "girl books".

Live-Action Television
  • Clarissa Explains It All is groundbreaking - not only in it's content but it finally disproved the common (at the time) thinking for children's television - that boys would NOT watch a show starring a girl. Nickelodeon proved everyone wrong with Clarissa - a smart, funny, free-thinking girl - being the lead character and only tiny bit Tomboyish being one of the most recognizable characters in that time period. Nickelodeon's future programming - from The Secret World of Alex Mack to iCarly - have had girls in the main roles. Most of the lead Nickelodeon girls have been fairly girly and into girls things, and also pushed tons of girls' merchandise in the pink aisles of toy stores without sacrificing boy viewers.
  • A lot of women watch Spike TV. In fact, the one of the creators of Spike TV was FIRED because too many women were watching it. However, their view has softened as they're now actually courting women to watch Spike TV as the channel is shifting from the frat boy demographic.
  • The Disney Channel's sister network Disney XD was basically launched because they couldn't get boys to watch the programming.

Web Original
  • The raison d'etre of the Nostalgia Chick. Her original function was to review the movies that were too girly for the Nostalgia Critic, but she eventually revolted.
    • What makes this even better is that she's The Lad-ette while the Critic is a Sissy Anti Hero. Obviously she was going to revolt at some point.

Western Animation
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a huge male following (who call themselves Bronies), most of whom had to be cajoled to watch it first because of this very reason, but eventually became hooked. Not only is this a show about ponies and magic, but there is literally six female main characters and one male character. That's right, a good show is just good, no matter what gender it was intended to appeal to.
  • Jem was also popular with male viewers but aimed at females.
  • In one episode of Family Guy Lois draggs Peter to a Chick Flick, which he thinks might turn him gay. But he quite enjoys it (and several others), and decides to make a Chick Flick of his own.
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