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Sickening Squish

The sound of body parts being severely injured.

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Aural Trope

The sound of meat being crushed is highly unpleasant, because it is reminiscent of having soft tissue body parts squeezed and extruded like toothpaste out of a tube. Tends to be used in media to imply just that.

Closely related to Sickening "Crunch!", which is the sound bones make when broken.



Live Action TV
  • Game of Thrones: Happens often, usually when a Clegane brother is present.
    • Of particular note is that time the Hound saved Sansa from being raped by disembowelling her would-be rapist.
    • Of other particular note is the time the Mountain killed Oberyn Martell; the sound could be heard well before Oberyn's head was crushed.
  • As with all things on Red Dwarf, Played for Laughs; the Simulant leader implies to his unsuccessful underling that he is to commit seppuku. The underling does so, with the squishy sound effect playing on each stroke of the sword. Once finished, the leader simply tells the underling that all he had to do was polish the sword, and write a fromal apology letter. The underling, being a Simulant, doesn't die of course. But is neverhtless understandably incredulous as he tries to collect his now exterior bowels, the sound effect continuing as he does so.
  • Stranger Things: During the scene where goons have the kids surrounded with no escape, Eleven telekinetically crushes their brains. This sound is heard several times as each goon falls dead.

  • Everything I Know About Zombies I Learned In Kindergarten: "Sflup" is the onomatopoeia for the sound of a garden stake piercing the eyeball and going into the brain. It is used most frequently for zombies, but five-to-seven-year-olds sometimes get overexcited and don't check to see if the person is actually human.

Video Games
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