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Hit The Books

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A character, usually The Smart Guy, always has to back up their ideas or theories with hard research before they tell their friends, even in situations where it might be a better idea to tell people quickly (this usually has ramifications for the plot later on). They may literally go to the library, use the internet or, in extreme cases, carry a Great Big Book of Everything around with them. Whatever method they choose, they aren't happy unless they can consult the facts before acting.


  • Happens a lot in Harry Potter. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, just as the Power Trio are about to go out to the Quidditch pitch, Harry hears the mysterious disembodied voice that he's been hearing on and off all year. Hermione exclaims that she's just realised what it could be and runs off to the library to check. Harry asks Ron why she couldn't just tell them, and the latter explains that it's because her philosophy is "When in doubt, go to the library." Of course, she gets petrified before she can tell them what she's worked out.


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