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Final Death Mode
Die once in this difficulty level, and restart from the very beginning.
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Harder Than Hard isn't hard enough for some people when Death Is a Slap on the Wrist. Choose Final Death Mode as a difficulty level and that's no longer a problem. When activated, Game Over means just that--your game is over for good. No lives, no continues, nada.

If you want to play again, you have to start from the very beginning. Be grateful it's optional.

Final Death Mode usually (but not always) comes with protection against Save Scumming. If nothing else, there's the fact that it defeats the purpose of the option in the first place.

Sometimes, players play a Self-Imposed Challenge if they only have one life; that's a No Death Run.

Often considered a trait of Nintendo Hard. Sub-Trope of Check Point Starvation. Related to Final Death, which is when non-Player Characters only have one life.


Driving Game
  • In GRID there is the Pro Mode which turns off the flashback (A Mental Time Travel feature) and the ability of being able to restart single races, essentially requiring you to win every tournament (3 to 5 races) in one shot. Considering that you will often have to start from the back in higher difficulties and the AI will crash you out every now and then makes this nearly Unwinnable.

Platform Game

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal gives out lots of extra lives during level ups at lower difficulty levels, but at its two highest levels (Roguelike and Insane) death is final.

Third-Person Shooter
  • Max Payne 3's "Old School" Mode, which disables Last Man Standing, which allows the player to live if they deliver a fatal shot several seconds after running out of health.

Wide Open Sandbox
  • Minecraft has a Hardcore Mode which freezes the difficulty level of a world to Hard and put evil expressions onto the Life Meter. Once the player dies, the world has to be deleted, or in multiplayer they're banned from the server.
  • Terraria has a difficulty system that increases the penalty for death the higher up you go. In softcore, you drop half your money. In mediumcore, you drop items. In hardcore, you die permanently, meaning if you had any items on you at the time, they're gone for good unless you're playing multiplayer or you had some stuff stashed in a chest.
  • X3: Terran Conflict has a hardcore mode so hardcore, you have to play the single-player game while connected to the internet via your Steam account in order to make sure you don't try to cheat by doing something like "loading a save". There's a reason it's called "Dead-Is-Dead" mode.
  • Escape Velocity Nova has a Strict Play'' option:
    If you check this box, when you're dead, you're dead. No reincarnation allowed.
    In normal play the player are reincarnated on the last planet/station (check point) they landed.

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