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Single Guy Seeks Tough Girl
This guy doesn't want his women weak.
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(This trope was created to eliminate use of All Girls Want Bad Boys for this)

Some guys don't really want those girly girls. These guys want their women hardened, strong-willed, and maybe a bit Tomboy-ish.

This is the inverse of No Guy Wants an Amazon, and can sort of be considered a gender inversion of Single Woman Seeks Good Man and All Amazons Want Hercules. Compare Hot Amazon, which instead deals with the girl attracting guys for being tough.


Anime and Manga

  • Batman is generally shown to have this kind of attitude towards girls, hence his attraction to villainesses like Talia al-Ghul and Catwoman.
    • Notably, in Batman R.I.P., he uses this to figure out that his current girlfriend Jezebel Jet is a villainess.

  • Ma Jong from Judge Dee falls in love (more so than usual) with a few Action Girls that he meets. However, one of them ends up falling for a different character.
  • In World Without End Merthin acknowledges about halfway through the book that the only women he likes are the really smart, sarcastic and "bitchy" (in this context, independent and free-spirited) ones when he looks at his history. With the notable exception of Griselda, his partners were capable business owners that could beat him at intelligence games or best him in court.

Live-Action TV
  • Dave in Red Dwarf bemoans how he's 'only ever attracted to women who are trash'. By this he means hardened, manipulative, ruthless women.
    • In fact, in one episode, there was a morphing android that was meant to show a man his most desirable woman. All the male castmates saw the android differently. Rimmer and Kryten both saw nice, sweet girls (a hologram woman and a female android respectively) but when it came to, Lister, he saw a woman Biker Babe who insulted him and didn't immediately give in to his advances.
  • Definitely Piz in Veronica Mars. Veronica could very easily be described as hard, strong-willed and Tomboyish. The other male leads who date her probably did so because of their mutual connections through Lily, the murdered girl, and it might've been more of a grief/intimacy thing than direct attraction resulting from Veronica's tough girl qualities.
  • How about Scorpius on Farscape: Natira would fit this type of girl, and since she doesn't HAVE to be an amazon I would argue Sikozu does as well.
  • Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer? While Dru sometimes pulls the kittenish "girly" card, she is also badass and Spike likes that part of her ("Dru bagged a slayer? Well, good for her!") His attraction to Buffy - who can beat him up: a fact he is turned on by - also goes to this. He also seems to sometimes mock women he sees as "weak" like the woman in the vampire cult, the woman in the Angel episode who he saves and then chatises for walking alone in an alley at night in high heels, and Harmony.
  • Pan Am features a Senator who is attracted to Maggie because she's so vocally opinionated and dangerous.

Stand-Up Comedy
  • Stand-up comic Alonzo Bodden describes his dream girl as "someone who can take a punch."

Web Original

Western Animation
  • This could describe Prince Zuko's attraction to Mai.
    Zuko: You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
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