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Nature Abhors A Vegan
Nature lover learns that nature is red in tooth and claw.
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Ah, the majesty of nature. Wait, what is that animal doing to that other animal? Well, I suppose he needed to eat to survive. Mosquitos! Ew. Get them off! Oh, I'll jump in the water. Leeches!

Nature is morally neutral. But many people, most of them living in suburbs and big cities, have an idea that it is pristine and innocent.

Not the writers of this show. On this show, the girl (usually a girl) gets to live in nature, and it's horrible. Expect her to have the preconceived notion that animals never kill each other. Then comes the humidity, the insects, and the leeches. In a twist of Unfortunate Implications, if in a jungle setting, the natives will also be nasty. By the end, she's ready to start spraying CFCs into the air faster than you can say "squamous cell carcinoma".

Often caused by Hungry Jungle. A deconstruction of Granola Girl or (sometimes) Noble Savage.

The trope is a pun on Nature Abhors a Virgin, which is itself a pun on "Nature abhors a vacuum."


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