Toying With Dreams By Toying With Senses

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This is when messing with the senses (touch, taste, smell, sound, and maybe sight, depending on how it is approached) of someone who is asleep carries over into their dreams in a way the dreamer's subconscious comes up with.


  • The image from Calvin and Hobbes, of course.
  • Inception features several examples.
    • Arthur "dunking" Cobb in water makes Cobb dream that water is splashing in through the windows before he wakes up.
    • Yusuf's driving involves making sharp turns, or driving off a bridge, which leaves the dream subjects with the impression in the former case that gravity is changing direction, or in the latter case that gravity is disappearing altogether.
As mentioned by cracked Don Rosa did Inception first and used the goose egg nugget to fool his sense of smell to get Scrooge to dream of his days as the King of the Klondike (The Story can be found here)
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