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Activated At The Wrong Time
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A situation where something is done at a bad time, such as a targeted area is destroyed before its inhabitants safely evacuated on time.

Usually a villain does this to delay the heroes as he gets away, leaving the heroes not only to stop the machinations but also dealing with the aftermath if certain things become destroyed or inoperable.

Compare Power Incontinence where a superpower goes out of control, usually, at the worst possible moment.


Anime & Manga

  • The Man with the Golden Gun features James Bond working to remove the unique Solartron device from its place in Scaramanga's Chinese-built powerplant. Miss Goodnight watches, while her bikini-clad glutes nudge the control switch to the "on" position. Poor Bond is nearly skewered by the solar beam.
  • The Princess Bride: Inigo has to give the Man in Black Miracle Max's resurrection pill before it reaches full effectiveness because there's not enough time to wait. As a result, the Man in Black is extremely weak when he comes back to life.

  • BIONICLE: after his defeat by the Toa Mata, Teridax awakens the Bohrok earlier than intended to keep the Toa Mata preoccupied to stop them. Later, the Toa Mata turned Toa Nuva reawaken the Bohrok swarms to complete their job.

Video Games
  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon: When the Dragon King's priests subdued Blaze, he unwittingly sent out a signal to awaken Daegon, the main antagonist of Konquest Mode, far earlier than planned. This awakening also causes to him grow unstable, leading him to found the Red Dragon clan, loot his brother's sword and kill his mother and father in order to accomplish a quest they sent him out to do.
  • In Halo 3 they activate the partially-constructed Halo to rid the Ark of the Flood. Since it wasn't finished, it tears itself apart in the process.

Western Animation
  • George Jetson casually leans on the "Reduce" button of the machine, sending the feuding Spacely and Cogswell through it. Cogswell emerges six inches tall, Spacely half that. Worse, when Jetson tries the "Enlarge" button, it blows a fuse.

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