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Laser Bullet
noisy glowy bolts, inexplicably called lasers
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Proposed as a split from Frickin' Laser Beams, since these aren't beams at all.

It's a variety of the generic Ray Gun. These devices usually look in action much like soaker guns: they spit slow, glowy bright-colored bolts or Energy Balls, make "futuristic" zap noises -- and yet for some reason are called "lasers".

Mainly the Video Games and Animation trope.
  • Lasers in Touhou are rather slow, consist of particles (a la bullets), and you can actually take out a part of one.
  • Gradius lasers, which just are long, piercing, fast projectiles.
  • Prevalent among the robots in the Sonic the Hedgehog games.
  • The first two Fallout games play this straight. 3 and New Vegas avert it, on the other hand.
  • G.I. Joe used them all the time.
  • In Nexuiz, Laser and Heavy Laser Assault Cannon fire red bolts.
  • Painkiller (by Judas Priest) is "faster than a laser bullet" (and louder than an atom bomb).

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