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Climax Vulnerability
The Hero is invincible. Unless it's the climax.
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Do We Have This. Seen it a Million Times. Needs More Examples, Better Title, Better Description.

The villain's traps have been escaped, thousands of Mooks have been dispatched, The Dragon is dead, and The Hero has done it all without a scratch, now all that's left is to kill the Big Bad. Oh wait, the hero has just been shot.

This is where a Hero has gone the entire story with not so much as a stubbed toe, only to get wounded during the climactic scene. Sometimes it's an injury dealt by the Big Bad himself, other times a mook just gets a lucky shot in near the end. Either way, it's usually Only a Flesh Wound. If it's a gunshot wound, expect it to be in the shoulder. If it's an arrow, expect it to be in the shoulder. If it's a knife, expect it to be in the shoulder.

  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back- Luke's Hand
  • Beverly Hills Cop- Axel Foley takes a bullet to the shoulder during a shootout with the big bad
  • The 2009 Rambo- Bullet to the shoulder
  • This was definitely the case in The Crow.
  • Happens a couple times in Burn Notice (these are the ones I remember)
    • Season 2 midseason finale: Michael barely escapes getting blown up by a bomb rigged to his door.
    • Season 3 season finale: Management's helicoptor gets blown up, after Management grabs the Idiot Ball (really? land in the one helipad in the area?) Michael is obviously wounded by the blast.
    • Season 4 midseason finale: Jesse shoots through Michael to kill the mook trying to capture him, then Michael gets in a car crash, after grabbing the steering wheel of the car he was forced in to by the corrupt corporate executive (I feel ashamed for forgetting his name)
    • Season 4 season finale: Jesse has a piece of rebar go through his leg at the beginning of the episode, and is bleeding profusely through the rest of the episode.
Plenty of other examples that refuse to enter my memory at this time

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