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Nude Colored Clothes

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Not sure if there are enough examples out there, but let's try this.

You're watching a show or video game, and a character comes onscreen who looks like they're wearing practically nothing. Or even like they actually aren't wearing anything at all. But after a few minutes of titillation or horror, you realize that they are wearing pants after all. They're just the exact same color as their skin.


  • In Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind, Nausicaa is fully covered. However, she's wearing a very short skirt over skin-colored pants. It takes what would be a Panty Shot to realize that they are, in fact, pants.
  • Eiko in Final Fantasy IX. The official art makes her look like she's totally naked from the waist down, when in fact she's wearing very tight flesh-colored pants. Considering her age this is the cause of much Squick among fans.
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