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Inhumanly Beautiful Race
Humanoid race that looks much like humans, but better
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The Inhumanly Beautiful Race is a fictional non-human species that is always, nearly without fail, incredibly good looking. Not only are they good looking, but they tend to be described as better looking than the vast majority of humans could ever hope to be. When describing their beauty, authors tend to use terms like "inhuman", "otherworldly" and "ethereal". Depending on the author, such a species may inspire either simple chaste appreciation, or immediate and profound arousal. In extreme cases, their looks are so incredible as to act as almost a form of glamour, instantly become the center of attention (and desire) everywhere they go.

While this concept can be found in all forms of media, it usually this works best in a non-visual medium. With a novel, the reader can imagine their own ideal of beauty. In a live action work, it may become a case of a subjective judgement of Informed Attractiveness.

Angels and Elves almost invariably fall under this trope, and The Fair Folk are often included. In recent years, Vampires have also increasingly been portrayed as having inhuman hotness, in contrast to older versions where they looked more like walking corpses.

In order to make this not-subjective, examples should only be of cases where the race is described as being this in-universe, either in the narration or by other characters.

No Real Life Examples, Please!


  • In the world of ElfQuest, most humans tend feel this way about the elves. It sometimes provokes humans to extreme behavior, for good or evil.

  • Most vampires (except the Black Court) in The Dresden Files take on good looking forms, but the White Court vampires are an embodiment of Vampires Are Sex Gods meets Inhumanly Beautiful Race.
  • In Twilight, all the Cullens are described as being impossibly beautiful with Edward being metaphorically referred to as a god.
  • Elves in J. R. R. Tolkien's works are almost invariably described as being good looking. The three best looking females in Middle-earth are all Elves. The Valar also count.
  • Elves in The Witcher series, too, though unlike in Tolkien's works, their Beauty most definitely doesn't Equal Goodness
  • Elves, again, in the Arcia Chronicles are exceptionally beautiful, which is justified by their species being many times older than humans, meaning that they represent the peak of humanoid evolution (frozen in time thanks to their immortality) while humans are still getting there. On the other hand, it is also deconstructed because perfect physique and looks means that all elves (of the same gender) look the same to humans, as their physical differences are so minimal that only fellow elves can spot them. Hair/eye color and clothes are the only way mortal races can tell elves they don't know personally apart.
  • Selelvians from the Star Trek Expanded Universe. Which makes sense because they're Space Elves.
  • The Veela in Harry Potter. They are beautiful women with long silver-blonde hair, blue eyes, shining skin and perfect teeth. Although they have supernatural powers to seduce men and hypnotise them so it is possible that Harry's description of them is a little exaggerated. They have one downside though: piss them off and they turn into crazy bird monsters that throw fire at you.
  • The Elves in the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy are described as being much better looking than humans. Also, the difference betweeen the beauty of elvish nobility to elvish commoners is compared in-story to the difference of an elvish commoner and a human.
  • Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Legacy series has the D'Angelines, who impress every other people with their beauty.
  • The demonic Kialli in Michelle West's The Sun Sword books are inhumanly beautiful. In the same author's Chronicles of Elantra books, it is the immortal Barrani who are repeatedly described as perfect.
  • In The Chronicles of Narnia, dryads and merfolk, at least from Lucy's point of view.

Religion and Mythology
  • Almost all the gods of Classical Mythology were inhumanly good looking, with the notable exception of Vulcan.
  • The Fae in Middle English mythology were known for their beauty, and unsurprisingly they were the inspiration behind Tolkein's elves.

Tabletop Games
  • Nymphs in Dungeons & Dragons are described as being so beautiful that they can make characters go blind just from seeing them.
  • The elves from Magic: The Gathering's Lorwyn set. Their caste system runs on how beautiful they are and they will often hunt other species that they deem uglier than they.
  • The whole Daeva clan from Vampire: The Requiem. In their Clan Book it is stated that they're "stronger, faster and sexier than you". Even before the embrace they are already attractive humans after it they become inhumanly beautiful, partly because of their discipline, Majesty, that allows them to bedazzle people with their presence. The clan book does make a point of the fact that anyone who knows enough about the Daeva (including the Daeva themselves) tends to find something off about them because their beauty is artificial and they are incapable of love. One of the illustrators noted that the Daeva are essentially sex objects rather than people.
  • Eldar in Warhammer40000 are said to look like beautiful humans, but also that they are so graceful it's creepy.
  • The Eberron Campaign Setting gives us Kalashtar, a near-human psionic race--and, of course, elves.
Video Games
  • In Mass Effect, the Asari (a one-gender race). It's implied that humans just see them as hot female humans with blue skin and slightly weird heads, and that other spacefaring races see them as resembling attractive versions of their own race.

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