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Troubling Unchildhood School Play
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"The pioneers met with the indians, and negotiated for their fertile lands!"
Mayor: Mr. Garrison, we cannot have our children beating each other senseless in front of Kathie Lee Gifford!
Mr. Garrison: Well, what do you want? This is how it happened in those days.
- From the South Park episode Weightgain 4000, when a school play about colonialism included graphic portrayal of the violence that was involved.

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions.

Similar to Troubling Unchildhood Behavior, though more scheduled and planned, this is when a play where children are the actors involves things that typically wouldn't even be considered appropriate for an audience of children. Well, not in western society, at least not these days.


Western Animation

  • A Bug's Life has this twofold when the circus bugs arrive on the island; they see a mural, painted on a leaf by ant children involving explicit drawing of graphic violence against the grasshoppers, and then these ant children stage a play portraying said circus bugs fighting against the grasshoppers. (Of course, what the circus bugs don't realize is that they've been mistaken for warrior bugs. If they did... it would still be shocking to see children stage such a play, but not to the same extent.)
  • Addams Family Values has a Thanksgiving Day play that starts out child-appropriate but goes rapidly downhill after Wednesday Addams gets cast in it.

Newspaper Comics

Video Games

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